Kavon-Name Engraving Wallet

$49.95 $69.95

The perfect wallet for a proper man

Handcrafted with precision and care, Kavon is the ultimate wallet for both practical and fashion purposes. With fine detail all-round and space for everything, you won’t change another wallet again.

Made from sleek Italian leather and inspired by the leading fashion industry on the planet you won’t find a more dapper wallet for the price. Kavon has all the pockets a man will need.

Style, durability, comfort, those are the worlds Kavon stands by. Wear a wallet that suits your style without spending a future on it.


Italian design- Inspired by Italian fashion Kavon makes you dapper than ever. Bring back the vintage look we all love and want.

Handcrafted by professionals- Made from full genuine Italian leather and with extreme attention to detail Kavon the only wallet you’ll need.

Has space for everything- There are enough pockets to separate each card you have. Kavon has enough space so it never bulks.

Kavon is the ultimate choice- Kavon provides the perfect blend of style, durability and functionality. The best quality for your buck, guaranteed.

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