MicroMac-Zoom Microscope Camera

$39.95 $59.95

Explore The Microscopic World Just From Your Phone

MicroMac is a portable microscopic camera made for the outdoor exploration of nature’s microscopic wonders. Just plug it into your phone and you’ll see just about anything!

You can record and take pictures from the dedicated app on your phone. The 1000X zoom and 8 LED lights can capture wildlife in all its beauty and detail.

Analyze your surroundings with details never seen before on other cameras. Use MicroMac to see what the naked eye cannot and capture it in full HD!


Capture unseen details - MicroMac zooms up to 1000X for you to observe wildlife in beautiful HD detail. The LED lights bring all the light for the details to shine.

The most portable microscope- One camera is all you need to experience the discovery of a whole new microscopic world.

Record from your phone- MicroMac is compatible with any smartphone! The camera easily focuses and stabilizes for precise screenshots and recordings.

MicroMac is the ultimate choice- Exploring nature’s beauty doesn’t require heavy expensive equipment anymore. Just plug MicroMac into your phone and the microscopic world is in your grasp.

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