Nanmer-Nailart Plate Stamp Set

$19.95 $33.95

Styling your nails will never get easier

If you are looking to stand out in a unique way, then you need Nanmer. This nail styling set has everything you need to create your dreamy nails at no expense.

The many plates offer endless designs for you to choose from. Using the stamp, you can quickly get right into professional nail styling even as a beginner.

No salon can make your nails unique like Nanmer. Create your best nail design with simple stamping action. Chose the affordable perfection Nanmer offers.


Always look unique- Use the stamp to design your dreamy nails with one push. The plates offer endless styling options for you to choose from.

Quick and easy nail art- Nanmer makes your nails look perfect with minimal effort. In a few minutes, you’ll create the nail look you’ve always wanted.

Perfection from home- You don’t need to go to an expensive salon to get a unique design done. Nanmer is the best alternative to the studio.

Why Nanmer is for you- With this set, you can create any nail look you want. Nanmer makes perfection easy to achieve.

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