SuperSwab - Zero-Waste Reusable Swab

$12.95 $21.95

A swab you can reuse a thousand times

Millions of used swabs pollute the environment each year, SuperSwab solves that problem. It can serve you a thousand times without wearing off its cleaning effectiveness.

The soft silicone heads gently remove wax and grime from the gentlest areas on and around the face without irritating the skin like cotton swabs.

After usage clean it with some water and store it in the compact case. SuperSwab is the perfect essential for treating sensitive areas that require a delicate touch.


Doesn’t irritate your ears- SuperSwab doesn’t damage the ear like ordinary cotton options. It’s the safest option for delicate cleaning!

Use it a thousand times- Wash it and use it again with the same potency as ever. Save up on thousands of swabs, not to mention the money.

Absorbs all the grime- SuperSwab cleans off everything from wax to makeup! The soft head can reach every delicate spot.

SuperSwab is the ultimate choice- Choose a swab that can clean your ears forever.  A healthy and eco-friendly solution for your face cleaning needs.

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